Developing an Android app

Why develop an Android app?

  • Some western nations have an even split of Android and iOS enthusiasts. Globally, however, Android drastically outmuscles Apple — a staggering 87% of the world’s smartphone and tablet market will use Android by 2022
  • Android and iOS use different coding languages — Java for Android, Objective-C or Swift for iOS. Java is widely regarded as the most user-friendly language for coding novices
  • It’s much easier to get an app accepted and uploaded to the Google Play store than the iOS equivalent. Apple has extremely stringent quality control measures that take weeks to pass
  • It costs just $25 as a one-off payment to upload unlimited apps to the Google Play store. App developers must sign up for annual membership to the Apple Developer Program for $99 per year to use the iOS store

What skills are required to develop an Android app?

Basic steps to developing an Android app

  • Come up with a killer idea! A successful app needs to be unique or improve on what is already out there
  • Download the tools that you’ll need from the Android Studio
  • Write the code for your app
  • Test your app, test it again, and ask friends and family to test it for you. If you upload an Android app that keeps crashing or is riddled with bugs, this will be reflected in your reviews
  • Upload your app to the Google Play store and announce its availability to the world

Uploading an Android app to the Google Play store

Marketing and promoting an Android app

  • Advertise your app on your social media accounts, encouraging downloads
  • Utilize online SEO tactics to draw in search-based traffic for your app. Blogs, known as content marketing, is a great way to achieve this. After all, you’re aware of Dumpster as you are reading this article!
  • Undertake pay-per-click advertising campaigns on other apps, or through podcasts




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We make cutting-edge applications to simplify your digital life.

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